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DACHSHAUS chovatelská stanice - jezevčík, hortaya borzaya - ТАКСЫ

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Chovatelskᠳtanice Dachshaus » ТАКСЫ


There are 30 champions (includes 6 IntCh), 12 winners and 1 World Winner were born at my kennel up today!


Dachshaus - dachshunds happy live at Russia, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Czech, Slovakia, Denmark, Lithuanian, Saint Martin, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, Spain, Poland, Italy, Israel, Japan...



My males: 


  JCh.Rus Bramers Navigator  
  s.Ch.Duchwoods Hurrican Ivan
  d.Ch.Rus Bramers Yamaha
  09.05.2012, Kt red male, fullteethed
  JCh VDH + WUT + Hr, 3xBest Puppy, BIS/p-I, 2xCAC\J DTK, 2xCAC\J VDH, CWC/J, BOB, Dresden Junior Winner, 6
xBest Junior


 Tsertus Mystery Man
  s.Jh.Enviable Exlibris Dachshaus
  d.Tsertus Soviet Union
  19.03.2011, Zw brown\tan dappled male, fullteethed

  kais.show1.jpg   JCh.Hampdach Hellenic Hero
  o.Ch.Hampdach Pyrrus
  m.Hampdach Spellcaster
  23.04.2010, red standard male, import UK, fullteethed, 10,5kg, dark eyes

  JCh PL, JCh UA,, 3xCWC\J, 3xCAC UA, 3xCWC, 3xCAC HR, HR Winner, Croatian Club Winner, 4xCACIB, 5xBOBJ, 3xBOB, CAC\J, 2xBIG, BIG-2, BIS\J-2, Candidate JCh Kluba RUS


My females:



  JCh.Her Majesty v.d.Windecke
 S.Lorenzo v.d.Windecke
 d.Nimik My Girl
 23.03.2012, red brindle standard female, fullteethed,
  JCh VDH, JCh WUT, 3xCAC\J VDH, 3xCAC\J DTK, Dresden Junior Winner, 3xBJ, BIS\J-III


 Dachshaus Akrotiri
 s.JCh. Tysar Sea Man
 m. Rus Bramers Akcia
 12.09.2012, Kaninchen bl/tan female, fulteethed, 2kg/27cm

  upsi20.04.13.jpg  Dachshaus Upsala
 s.JCh.Tysar Sea Man
 d.Lisego Nosa Cheshire Kitti
 19.11.2011, Kt red female, fulteethed, 3kg/30cm

 Tolko Ty Dachshaus
  s.Tysar Sea Man
  d.Tsertus Wonderful Life
  13.06.2011, Kt red female, fullteethed, 3kg/30cm

 Murka.jpg  Murena Dachshaus
 s.Ch.Bonlons Slippin N Sliden CMS
 m.Lisego Nosa For Dachshaus
 17.06.2009, Zwerg bl/tan choco carrier, fullteethed, 4,5kg/34cm
  RBAtzi.jpg  Rus Bramers Akcia
 s.Duchwoods Splendid Jed
 d.Rus Bramers Sunshine
 20.05.2009. Zwerg Smooth bl/tan female, 32cm/4,3kg, fullteethed
 LJS, CAC CZ, CAC LT, 2xCWC,3xCAC HR, HR Club Winner, Croatian Winener,  6xBest Female, BOB, LT Winner,  CAC VDH\DTK, 5xCACIB,

 Dachshaus Zlaty Pokladek
 s. Beau v.d.Windecke
 d. Cipher Confetti Dachshaus
 28.08.2012 Kt choco/tan female,

2xCAC/J VDH, 2xCAC/J DTK, 2xBest Junior, BOB,  Rheilnand Pfalz Jugendsieger 2013




  ziiSHOW.jpg   Ch.ZiZoo Estet Classic
s.FranzFerdinand del Pian dei Caprini
d. Lunar Lioness Pup Dachshaus
 bred by DACHSHAUS kennel, registered by Rus Bramers kennel.
JCh LT,LV,EST,BALT; Сh LT, PL, Best Puppy of the Breed,7 x JW, 6xСAC, CACIB, 4xR.CACIB, 8xBOB; BIG1, 3xBIG2, BIG4, BIG5, BIS2, 
  untitled.jpg  Ch.Glamur Gift Dachshaus
s.Ch.Enviable Exlibris Dachshaus
d.Ch.Cipher Confetti Dachshaus
RUS+UA Ch, 5x CAC, Best male, R.CACIB, BOB,
  Jet.6.5.mo2.jpg   Ch. Jet de Lumiere Dachshaus
s. Ch.Bonlons Slippin N Slider
d.Exquisite Enjoy Dachshaus
2xBJ, 2xCAC, 2xBest Male, BOB, CACIB, BIG-1, Ch RKF, RUS, Club
 ChivalryAct.jpg  Ch.Chivalry Act Dachshaus
s. Ch.Bonlons Slippin N Sliden
d. IntCh.Non-Fiction Pup Dachshaus

WJS"09, BJD, JCh+Ch.RUS, 2xCh RFSS, 3xCACIB, KVM, 7xBJ, 2x klubový šampion mladých, 5xBOB, BIS/p-2, BIS/J-4, 2xBIS/J-3, multi xBIG, BIG-2, BIS-2, BIS-1
  Cherry Boy  Ch. Cheery Boy Dachshaus
s. Ch.Bonlons Slippin N Sliden
d. IntCh.Non-Fiction Pup Dachshaus
2x BOB, Best male of the Breed,  2nd the Best male of the Breed, 2xCACIB, 12xWinner. 7 Green Stars, Ch+Jch Ir
 Yes Sir Bp.jpg  Yes Sir Dachshaus
s.Tserus Misteri Men
d. Murena Dachshaus
Best Puppy


  Yahoo Dachshaus
s.Tserus Misteri Men
d. Murena Dachshaus
Best Puppy


  quinchless.jpg  Ch.Quinchless Dachshaus
s.Lisego Nosa Cheshir Kat
d.Cipher Confetti Dachshaus
Ch CZ, Ch SK JCh CZ Ch UA,Vítěz stř. a vých. Evropy mladých
3x CAJC, 2x BOJ, 11x CAC, 1x CAC-ČMKU, CC WUT, 8x CACIB, 9x BOB, V. BIG,
BIS - Nejkrásnější jedinec výstavy - KV Holýšov

 Taam Tov Dachshaus
s.Tysar Sea Man
d.Tsertus Wonderful Life
3xCAC, Croatian Winner

  tutti.jpg  Ch.Tutorial Dachshaus
s.Tysar Sea Man
d.Tsertus Wonderful Life
Mlt. Ch, CH UA, CH MD, CH BG, CH GE, CH AZ, CH CY, Gr JCh UA, JCh UA, 13 x CAC, 4 x CACIB, R.CACIB, 8 x BOS, 6 x JCAC, 5 x Best Junior, 10 x BOB, BOG-II x 3, BOG-III x 2, BOG-IV x 3
 dacpinkplay.jpg  IntCh.Pink Playboy Dachshaus
s.Gernandachs Razzamatazz
d.Ch.Vnuchka Moja Orelin
Int Ch, Ch RUS, Isr, BLRUSS, multi winner, Multi-BIS
  Pixy.jpg  Ch. Pink Pixy Dachshaus
s.Germandachs Razzamatazz
d.Ch.Vnuchka Moja Orelin
Isr Ch, CACIB, Club Winner, BIS-2, BIS-1


Int.Ch.Non-Fiction Pup Dachshaus
s.Ch.Gemus v.Top-Torm
d.IntCh.Pink Emotion Dachshaus
28.05.2004. Kaninchen Smooth black-and-tan, no brown carrier, 30cm/3,5kg, fullteethed, working diploma fox den trials without contact
6xCAC, CWC, 2xCAC VDH, CAC DTK, R.CAC DTK, 3xCACIB, R.CACIB, 2x BIG-1, 2xBIG-2, BIG-3, 8xBOB, CH BiH, Int.Ch. Club Winner PL and CZ.
Mom of World Winner, 4 champions and few winners.

Lunar Lioness Pup Dachshaus
s.Ch.Lisego Nosa Diktator
d.IntCh.Pink Emotion Dachshaus
15.01.2002., Zwerg Smooth red, brown carrier, 31cm/4,0kg, has no 2xM3, working diplomas fox den trials without contact and Spurlaut.
Perfect breeding female, even she had have no show carrier because trauma (docked tip tail), but she gave 10 (!!!) champions of different countries, few winners as well as perfect working dogs or very small Kaninchens (by their weights of 2,3-2,5 kg, her last daughter is 1,8kg only)

   Exquisite Enjoy Dachshaus
s.Dutch Dapples Kinky Kai
d.IntCh.Pink Emotion Dachshaus
28.09.2006, Kaninchen Smooth brown-and-tan dappled, 29cm/3,1kg, fullteethed, working diploma Spurlaut, Excellent.
Mom of 2 champions
 P1070328.JPG  Ofenziva Lasky Dachshaus
s.Ch.Duchwoods Sailaway Sailaway
d. Lisego Nosa Cheshire Kitty
02.11.2009, Zwerg Smooth red female, Best Puppy x2, BIS\p-2, CAC\J DTK\VDH
 marvi4.jpg  JCh.Maravilloso Dachshaus 
s.Bonlons Slippin N Sliden CMS
d.Lisego Nosa For Dachshaus.
17.06.2009, Kaninchen, bl/tan dapple, fullteethed, both eyes dark brown, PRA\Cat eye -test negative.
JCh LT, Best Puppy of the Breed, CAC/J VDH/DTK, CAC VDH\DTK, CACIB, R.CACIB, CAJC CZ, CAC CZ, 3xCAJC LT, 3xBJ, 4xBOB, BIG-1, BIG-3

Polifinia Li-Za Provincial
Bard Duninowskie Bory x Tagasihoidlik Fanny 
My first female of this blood line, was bought from Estonian breeder Natalia Jalviste. DACHSHAUS kennel name was registered for her first litter, the most my dogs are her posterities. Gave me 3 litters


Pensive Hunter Honey Attire
Chocolat Zivatar x Polifinia Li-Za Provincial
Winner, 3xCAC
standard female was born at my home, but registered by Estonian kennel specially for FCI pedigree (Russia wasnt a FCI member at that time), she became the foundation female of well known Russian kennel Orelin (later Alstadt)


 Ch.Vnuchka Moja Orelin
Lucky Canis Venator x Pensive Hunter Honey Attire
Isr Ch, BOB, CACIB, Club Winner, BIS
My last standard female, the granddaughter of Li-Za, gave me 3 litters and few very saccesseful dogs,


   IntCh.Pink Emotion Dachshaus
Darisca Ambrose x Vnuchka Moja Orelin
My first mini smooth and foundation female of my mini breeding. Had perfect character and show courage. Gave few champions and very good breeding females

 Katka2a.jpg  Ch.Duchwoods Cut in Stone MS
I am so sorry to lost him.. Impossibly lovely bechaved dog, very nice for people and dogs, he arrived and flight away like s a bright meteor... Tragically died by car crash at the way to abroad show...
He gave us very few litters, but his children are very perspective and mostly have his lovely character. Cordilally thank to Sandra Russell Duchwoods kennel for Cutter!

 IntCh. Teatime for Pup Dachshaus
Linus v.Dinkelgrund x Pink Emotion Dachshaus
Kaninchen stud, choco carrier, belonged to Gapro Bohemia kennel, CZ
Junior Ch, Ch PL,CZ, SK, Int, C.I.A.,12xBOB, KS, 8xCACIB

 Gardi Pikul.jpg

 JCh. Ch.Obrance Hradu Dachshaus
Duchwoods Sailaway Sailaway x Lisego Nosa Cheshire Kitti
Zw red male, belonged to Ekaterina Pikul,
RUS, RKF, UA Ch+Jch WUT, RUS, RKF, BLRUSS, MC, ML, Grand CH Moldavie, 7xCACIB, R.CACIB, 15xBOB, 4xBIG-I, 4xBIG*II, 2xBIG-3, BIS-III, BIS-IV, BIS/J-I,IV, BIS/p-I, Bulgaria+Grand Ch, Romania+Grand Ch., Montenegro, Georgia, Cyprus, Balcan Champion, Aphrodite Balkanian Winner-2011, Aphrodite Black Sea Winner-2011, Black Sea Winner-2011  
 Top Dog -7 RUS 2011, Top Dachshund RUS 2011

 Boy19.1.jpg  IntCh. Bright Boy Dachshaus
Duchwoods Pierce Arrow x NonFiction Pup Dachshaus
Zwerg stud, belonged to Gapro Bohemia kennel, CZ
JCh. CZ, Ch PL, CZ, Grand Ch, FCI Show Ch, Int Ch, 2xCAJC, 4xCAC, 3xCWC, 3xCACIB, R.CACIB, 5xBOB, Club Winner PL, BIG-I, BIG-2, BIG-5, Prague Winner 2007, National Winner, International Fox  Den Trial Diploma (76 points)  Jager z Evrosportu, 30.03.2008, Zwerg Smooth red, died at handlers home by dirofilarosis

 Ch.Brave Bibigon Dachshaus
Duchwoods Pierce Arrow x NonFiction Pup Dachshaus
Zwerg stud, belonged to Jamnicza Ostoja kennel, PL, JCh a Ch PL, 4xJunior Winner, 2xBJ, CWC, CACIB, 2xBest of Males, 2xBOB, BIS/j-I, BIG-II

 CCider.jpg Cini Cider Dachshaus
Duchwoods Cut in Stone MS x Lunar Lioness Pup Dachshaus
Zwerg stud, belonged to kennel z Melče, CZ
 30,11,2.jpg  Ch.Bonlons Slippin N Sliden CMS
11.04.2006, Zwerg Smooth, Brown-and tan colored, 34cm/4,7kg, fullteethed, PRA/Cat not affected, patella luxation free.
(USA import), working certificate (fox den with contact), 5xCAC, 2xCC, 4xBest male, 3xCWC, BOB, BOS, 2x candidate for Federation shampionship, Also he has 4 champion points from USA, Best of Winners, 3x Winner, 6x Reserve Winner a 15 x Class Winner, CACIB
 Sired the WJW, over 15 champions and many very successeful show and working dogs. Great thank to B.and L. Vandeveer (USA) for this boy!

Lisego Nosa Cheshire Kitty
s.Ch.Duchwoods Hurrican Ivan
d.Ch.Lisego Nosa Reklama
10.03.2008, Zwerg Smooth red female, Excellent, Working diploma, fullteethed


 Tsertus JouJou 
s.Ch.Tserus Velikij Kniaz
d.Lunar Lioness Pup Dachshaus
28.11.2008, super-Kaninchen red female 26cm/1,8kg. Our lovely pet mouse!


 Ch.Cipher Confetti Dachshaus
s.Ch.Duchwoods Cut in Stone MS
d.Lunar Lioness Pup Dachshaus
10.03.2006. Kaninchen Smooth black-and -tan, brown carrier, 29cm/3,5kg, fullteethed, working diplomas Fox Den Trial without contact, Rabbit den trials (certificate) and the diploma of the most speedy dog in the den.
5xCAC, 2xR-CAC, CACIB, R.CACIB, CAC VDH/DTK, LS, BOB, SK CH,Craft certificate. Mom of 3 champions

 saryk.jpg  Tysar Sea Man
 s.Shardagang San Sebastian
  d.Stargang Sea Breeze at Tysar
 09.05.2010, red Kt, 30cm\3,3kg, dark eyes, fullteethed, Cord1 clear -DNA-test AHT laboratory, UK import
 JCh PL, Best puppy, 3xCWC\J, CACJ LT, LT Junior Winner, 4xBest Junior of the Breed, 2xBOB, BIS\j-5


A little about dachshund breeding:   

Dachshund breeding is very wide spread over the whole world and there are very many types and variants of the “ideal” dachshund, depending on local traditions of breed usage, place or even kennel…

The Dachshund, as an universal hunting dog, may be used as a den-dog, a retriever, a spaniel or a scent-hound. It can be used for all hunting dog occupations, with the exception of sight hunting Thus, if you have a windhound and a daxie you are ready for every possible prey…

The breed is very “plastic” in behaviour and may suit nearly any household. All dachshunds (but the most the miniature) are very comfortable with being petted and holding them is also a comfortable feeling: such warm sausages with short sweet fins. This is why we meet this breed as the beloved pet even in homes without any hunting members. It is why you may find the serious hunt daxie inside the beds of even the most serious hunters with lots of “machismo”. Oh, even a newborn daxie knows how make its home comfortable!

I don’t hunt with my daxies, but I try to breed true to the main goal why this breed was formed. Many daxies born in my kennel were and are used in practical hunting. But even the non-hunting dog needs to have good character and health.

I was very lucky with the foundation bitch of my daxie family. Polifinia Li-Za Provincial had strong hunt abilities as well as a fantastically sweet character. I am trying to keep her ideal qualities in my kennel by using only highly select males to breed to her descendents. My new American import seems to be ideal for this aim. He has a very good conformation and balanced behaviour. He loves all the world around him, isn’t a crazy barker as many daxies are, he doesnt even try to snap at strangers or alien dogs (as many daxies are likely to do). He quite simply is friendly to everybody.

Nowadays many dog breeds become constantly larger. It isn’t rare to see an “official” mini dachshund the size of standard one. Contrary to that I prefer miniature dachshunds, which are visibly and without the need of measurement ”miniature”. My mini dachshund lines were developed from standard dogs of a weight of 7-8 kg, which is not that much for modern standard dachshunds, which usually have 10-13 kg in standard dachshund show winners. My mini breeding females maximally weigh 4,5 kg, but usually less and have ribcages measuring easily less than 34 cm. Also they aren’t too long or narrow in body, I try to breed for the best possible conformation. And the last important quality of my females: no one had any problem with heats, pregnancy, whelping or taking care of puppies. They whelp easily, have a lot of milk and there are usually 4-5 puppies in the litter.   





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